Why does self-performing matter?


Most General Contractors are “paper GCs” meaning they will have a supervisor on site but all physical work is primarily, if not exclusivity, performed by subcontractors. We primarily self-perform meaning that most of the work that is executed is done by employees of Crane.

Self-Performing saves time

By self-performing work, we can capitalize on efficiencies of scale and have a seamless transition between tasks. Our crews have a number of construction skills and will typically perform all of a tenant fit-out project through the following means:

  • Trade-specific experience allows us to create accurate and dependable schedules. Because we own the workers time, we can ensure a seamless transition between tasks.

  • Because the same crew is staying on the job, there is no “getting up to speed” on the job. Our crews are starting with the demo and seeing the job through to furniture installation. All that time of getting a subcontractor ramped up is put towards getting a project done faster.

  • Often times a late delivery or a subcontractor that falls behind can slow down a schedule. When we self-perform a job, we can move the labor hours to another task which keeps the job moving forward to completion.

Self-performing General contractors have safer jobs

All of our crews are well-versed on our safety protocols. Even if we are subbing out the electrical and plumbing works, by keeping the amount of workers to a minimum, site-specific safety issues can be minimized and better-controlled.

Self-performing provides a higher-quality product

If you are using subcontractors, the General Contractor has to determine what the start and stop points are for each sub and how they will connect. By self-performing the work, we are able to have a seamless transitions between the phases of the project. This also ensures that there are fewer warranty issues. If there is an issue that comes up and it occurs near the stop/start point between two subcontractors, there are typical delays because those separate subcontractors will want the other guy to bear the cost of the warranty work.

Self-performing saves money

Because our crews have worked with a variety of materials, the Crane team can recommend selections that will provide the best value for each project.

General Advice

Even if we do not self-perform on a specific project, having a GC that self-perform knowledge and experience improves the ability to assess subcontractors’ work and hold them accountable in terms of staffing, scheduling, estimating, and quality. A general contractor that is not simply a broker offers its clients the expertise of a true builder on every project.