Tenant Fit-Outs Built On-Time and On-Budget


At Crane and Associates, we pride ourselves in our high-quality and on-time tenant fit-outs. Tenant fit-outs are remodeling of interior spaces where the primary structural envelopes (for instance, the foundation, roof and exterior walls) do no substantially change; however, the interior walls move or are added; kitchenettes and bathrooms are remodeled, added or moved; and fresh carpet, paint, doors, windows and ceilings are installed. This can include renovations in single-story, stand-alone buildings, mall re-fits and multi-story buildings.

Tenant fit-out work can also include work on the outside of the building such as renovating a parking lot, installing sidewalks and bringing the building up to ADA-compliance.

Because we self-perform most of the non-trade specialties, we are able to bypass the typical snags that cost time, quality and money.

These specific articles from our Knowledge Center will answer some specific concerns:

· Why does self-performing matter? · How do I develop a budget? · When do I need a licensed contractor?

Novel Coworking - Richmond, VA

Our team renovated 9,000 square feet of Class A office space for Novel Coworking in the historic area of Shockoe area of downtown Richmond. Click here to read more and see more photographs.


CVS - Multiple Locations

These contracts renovated several exterior sites for CVS to bring them up to ADA-compliance. These jobs included partial demolition of the existing parking lot and sidewalks, pouring in concrete slabs for the handicap stalls and properly cutting in ramps for wheelchair access. Click here to read more and see more photographs.


Taco Bell - Charles Town, WV

Our team renovated the parking lot and entryways to an operating Taco Bell to add additional space to the restaurant and bring the ingress points up to ADA-code. Click here to read more and see more photographs.