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At C&A, we want to be partners on shaping your space to maximize its use and ensure the process from design to handover is seamless. Rather than give one or two sentence answers to a FAQ, we developed a series of articles to the most commonly asked questions we receive. If we (you as the owner and us as the contractor) are both equipped with as much knowledge and common understanding as possible, we can avoid misunderstandings, schedule delays and unexpected costs.

These are not “here are 10 items to look for in a contractor and we magically have all of them” articles. We developed these posts to give you as many options and as little commentary as possible along with general guidance to meet your goals. Often times, you will be trading options and risk in one area for options and risks in another area. If you as the Owner understand these risks, you can ensure the process meets your needs from conception to handover.

Even if you decide to use another firm, we hope this information will help you develop your current space into its highest and best use.


Why does self-performing matter?

Self-performing work as a general contractor has several benefits to the project owner. Click here to read more.


How do I figure out my design?

Whether you have a complete set of plans or just an idea, there’s a clear path to get your end results. Click here to read more.


How do I develop a budget?

Using some rules of thumb, you can develop an idea of what your budget will be even with simple sketches Click here to read more.


When do I need permits?

This is a state-by-state and even city-by-city issues; but we can give general guidance and the right resources to help you find the answer that are specific to your needs. Click here to read more.

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When do I need a licensed contractor?

Each state has different requirements but we can give you guidelines on how to determine if need a licensed contractor. Click here to read more.


What type of contract should I use?

There are several ways to ensure everyone is on the same page and rights are protected. Click here to read more.


What kinds of bonding and insurance should I expect?

There are several insurance policies and bonding options available and they all have holes in their coverage. Understanding what they do and do not cover is crucial to ensure your property and assets are covered during the construction process. Click here to read more.


Washington Post Article on Contractor Selection

We didn’t write this one, but are linking to it because it has great tips on contractor selection. Is what written on picking a residential remodeler but has great advice for selecting a commercial or real estate contractor also. Click here to read more (opens in a new window).