Structural Repair for Buildings, Garages and Infrastructure


At Crane and Associates, specialize in the repair of concrete structures and retrofitting older building to meet newer building codes. We have established a second website to showcase our work along with some articles and projects below.

We repair cracks in concrete, spalling (the technical term when concrete is breaking off), shaky parking garages and water infiltration issues both under- and above-ground.

Our firm has people certified as Concrete Surface Repair Technicians (CSRT) by the Concrete Repair Institute (CSI). We have the experience to perform site surveys and propose solution to ensure you get the highest life out of your buildings and structures.

These specific articles from our Knowledge Center will answer some specific concerns:

Please note that these articles will take you to

· Why does concrete fail? · How are cracks fixed? · How are water intrusion problems fixed?

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NIH Garage - Bethesda, MD

Our team successfully completed the repairs for the parking garage labeled MLP-9 for the National Institute of Health. Click here to read more and see more photographs.

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Central Bank of Liberia

Our firm managed and performed the extensive repairs of the Central Bank of Liberia which had suffered over thirty years of exposure to salt air. Click here to read more and see more photographs.


Building 8607 - Ft. Meade, MD

Our performed the concrete retro-fit footer and brick ledge for the complete structural and remodel of Building 8607. This work required supplying a workforce that meet the stringent background requirements for working on Ft. Meade. Click here to read more and see more photographs.